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Work Life Balance or Career Progression and extra cash

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CarlaAnnBuckley Wed 23-Nov-16 16:42:47

WWYD? Me and DH have a 3 year old DD who is in full time nursery school we both work full time and do slightly opposite shifts enabling one of us too do School drop off and the other doing school pick up (who does what changes each days? This means we are all home most nights at least 5/7 by 6pm so we get to eat and put our DD bed together at 7 then spend the evening together. This is working fine until recently I have been headhunted for a job which is double my salary and two grades higher than my current role. If I take the job we will probably have to employ a childminder and would only have 3 evenings together a week and would not see much of eachother over the weekend (we both already work weekends but do get the evenings together) I would probably have to night shifts at weekend. So should we stay as we are having lots of time together, or have half the time but double the cash? WWYD?

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