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lananzack Wed 23-Nov-16 11:13:00

There was a thread about this the other day and I can't bloody find it- basically about somebody who rang up to rent a house and blurted out that she's currently in employment when she's not until next year- I have just done the exact same thing!! Shit! Help grin

Rang up to rent a house, they asked me if I'm currently employed and for SOME REASON I blurted out that I'm on maternity still! (Which would have been true THREE MONTHS ago, although I bloody ended up completely quitting because I couldn't arrange appropriate childcare for DD).
How do I fix this without sounding like a total nob head ringing back up saying "sorry, I forgot, I've not been in employment for 3 months"?! I'm pretty sure they accept DSS/DHSS (which is it hmm) but now I won't really know until I come clean!

What would you do right now?!

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