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Craft fayre prices!

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paranoidmother Wed 23-Nov-16 07:40:28

So our yr 1class has to make something for school craft fayre. We are going to decorate a mug, fill with choc cake mix, recipe and a candy cane attached. Do you think £3.50 or £4 is acceptable?
Last year parents paid £5 for a glitter tree picture in a frame but I don't want parents to not buy for their kids.

It's costing about £40 to get all the bits together.


BackforGood Wed 23-Nov-16 23:44:04

Are you expecting each parent to buy the one their dc made, or are you randomly putting them out on a table and hoping a 'punter' will buy them ?

If it's the former, I really hate that emotional blackmail stuff - "your dc will be really sad if you don't buy it / You're the only parent not buying it" and I think you should take a serious look at yourself.

If it's the latter, then I can't really see other people wanting to spend £3.50 or £4 on a mug someone else's child has painted, tbh.

Make things such as book marks or calendars that people are prepared to throw a quid at and you'll get a lot more buyers, IMO.

However, all schools are different, and you may live in an area where parents think this is fine grin

Just giving you my reaction.

paranoidmother Thu 24-Nov-16 06:49:07

Thank you, about half the parents will buy and the other half would only take it if we paid them.

The kids are quite good and we don't make them buy it or say they'd have to out of guilt. Wanted to do something practical rather than tat that gets thrown away.

Thank you

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