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The competition that never was.

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minionsrising Fri 11-Nov-16 21:04:33

Hi! Regular poster, NC for this as I'm being a whinge wink
So my ds is 5 and in Reception at the same school that I work in (TA)
Over half term we had quite a bit of homework sent home of which two were "competitions".
A maths challenge where they had to do a treasure hunt around the school area plus make a shape picture.

And a "story book" to fill in consisting of several pages.

(In addition to spellings, reading and writing a shopping list)

We were told that a winner would be chosen from each class.

Ds worked hard on all of this despite being a reluctant writer he didn't complain once.... Bless him.
Now I have found out that the competitions were both cancelled as there were not enough entrants.
He's obviously put in quite a lot of effort and I thought he might get a certificate in assembly or have the teacher make a bit of a fuss of him for doing well but no, just no reference to it at all.

I really really don't want to be that parent, making a fuss about my precious snowflake but I do feel a little bit hacked off.
Should I just drop it (and not do the homework next time) or say something to his teacher?

Note: he's not particularly bothered about the homework but he regularly asks why he doesn't get certificates or star of the day and I don't know what to say.

FeelingSmurfy Fri 11-Nov-16 22:03:53

If not many people did it then I would have rewarded all those that did do it with a certificate and maybe a mini bag of haribo or something if there was supposed to be a prize (because it would now be split)

This is just teaching him not to bother next time like the rest of the class

mummymummums Sat 12-Nov-16 10:59:34

I would say something as it's wrong not to acknowledge children who made an effort.
There are, in fact, laws about running competitions though no idea if they'd apply to a school (not that you'd want to go down that route obvs), but for info I once entered a competition and way after the winner notification date I realised they hadn't picked a winner (only a handful of people entered due to the fact you had to photograph self in v specific location abroad)). I contacted them to remind them and was one of the winners of a holiday!

Minionrising Sat 12-Nov-16 22:16:20

Ha ha good for you for challenging them and getting a prize.
I think neither ds or I could care less about a prize, it's just the acknowledgement I'd like for ds as he did try hard (and I'll readily admit he does dodge challenging work usually!)
Talking to family I think I may try to mention it to staff and maybe just give them a gentle nudge. I realise he's not the only child in the class and they're busy.

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