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Bathroom quote or lack of

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Helbel82 Tue 08-Nov-16 10:47:17

Hi all
We are looking to have our terrible bathroom refurbished as it's a mess and we don't have a bath, only a shower. We need this doing hopefully before Christmas as we are expecting our first baby in March.
We found a local plumber and invited him round to quote. All seemed good and we were happy with his suggestions. He left us to think about a few things and I text him a few days later with some decisions we had made. He said he'd let us know the quote. After chasing him up with phone calls and text messages (which he responded to) he still hasn't got back to us with a quote and he initially came round 4 weeks this Thursday!
I can appreciate he's been busy but I text him yesterday and he promised to get the quote to us last night (a promise he's been making a while) and still nothing.
Do we forget and move on or wait for his quote? Finding it difficult to find decent plumbers to be honest.
He was happy with dates (end of the month) and we still need to order the tiles and flooring. What would you do?
Thanks for reading

TheBadgersMadeMeDoIt Wed 09-Nov-16 18:20:48

I'd get another quote from someone else. Ask around for recommendations first so you don't end up with some random cowboy. It's a good idea to get more than one quote anyway, and there's nothing to commit you to either one do if the first guy comes back to you in the meantime with a quote you're happy with, you can take him up on it. And if he doesn' have a plan b.

To be honest he doesn't sound all that reliable...if it was me, alarm bells would be ringing.

MuddlingThroughMotherhood Sun 13-Nov-16 10:36:33

What did you end up doing OP? Did you arrange a second quote?

We had a similar issue earlier this year. I'd waited almost 5 years until we could afford a new bathroom and we had 5 quotes. 4 out of 5 were really positive when quoting but not one of them got back to us initially. Eventually after a lot of chasing them with emails, texts and phone calls two of them gave us a price, one was so high that I think he priced it so that there was no way we'd ask him to do it. We went with the other guy who kept putting the date later and later, it was eventually done about 6 weeks after first agreed.

One guy who quoted gave us the impression that a new bathroom is a small job and he's prefer a big more expensive job, I think that was the problem, we were offering 1-2 weeks work when someone else may be offering a bigger job and 6 weeks work.

Hope you have it sorted by the time baby arrives smile

Helbel82 Sun 13-Nov-16 14:00:22

Thanks for your responses. He did come back with a quote and we have accepted as (time spent doing the quote aside) we are impressed with his suggestions and quote. We did get another quote which just didn't measure up.
Things have moved quickly and have agreed a date for the work to start in two weeks smile

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