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Christmas calendar

(2 Posts)
stuckinthemiddlewithpooh Mon 07-Nov-16 19:55:20

Every year my MIL does a calendar each for my DCs. She's asked my DH if she can still do their calendars this year even though we now have no contact. My DH has told her yes, but it feels like she's trying to wheedle her way back into our good books by doing them. I'd sooner say no and just get them an advent calendar like everyone has. She always fills them with really noisy irritating gifts or bits of crap that breaks after 5 mins, or sweets that I have to confiscate until after breakfast. I'm upset my DH said it was ok to do the calendars as usual after all the stress we've had from her this year. I'd be happier if we cut all ties and told her to bugger off for good. He doesn't want to upset his DM but has upset me instead. What would you do? Do I tell her no myself or just go with my DH and let my kids enjoy their 24 individually wrapped gifts. I'm still waiting on an apology from her and her SAH DS for hurting my DD.

Lake2 Sat 12-Nov-16 20:08:15

I'd let my kids enjoy the gifts. They shouldn't miss out on something nice like that because of family arguments that are not of their doing.

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