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Randolf04 Sun 06-Nov-16 08:41:12

It looks like Our grandson is going into step son (his father) was not supposedly to go round to the mothers house as he has issues with drugs & alcohol. But he has!!! I am in contact with the mothers social worker & I did text her a msg saying we had concerns that he was going round there!! The social worker has told the mother I said this & now there is a huge rift in the family. My husband is on my side but my step son is blaming me for everything!!! Although his life choices have put him in this position. I don't regret my decision for tell SS, as our grandson's welfare is paramount but I'm not liking the arguments. We were asked by the mother if we would become foster parents. But now the SS are saying the case is too far along for us to be assessed!!! Would anyone else have done the same? Feeling very sad & emotional 😢

TheBouquets Wed 09-Nov-16 21:07:08

The SW should already have been looking around the child's relatives to see who could possibly be suitable for emergency care of the child. Are there other suitable persons related to the child? It may be that the child could go to a professional foster carer for a while to give SW more time to assess your household. Could you suggest this to SW. I have heard that we all have a duty to protect children and I think that is what you have done.

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