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Should we stay or should we go?

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Financialcrimes Fri 04-Nov-16 13:49:47

We moved here when my sons were 3 and 1. It's a lovely area, good schools, little village community etc. However since we have been here I have had an overwhelming desire to move back to our home town 20 miles away, closer to London. I don't know why. On paper this place should be perfect for us but I just can't settle.

Both sons are in a small village primary school who have been great with my youngest who has just been diagnosed with ASD and ADHD. My eldest will be moving on to secondary school in a couple of years so this decision needs to be made quickly as I do not want them to have to change secondary schools.

My family are all still in my hometown and although they are not a million miles away it would be so nice to have more help with my sons after school and to be there for them as they get older. The area is not as nice but has much better transport links so easier to get to work for my husband and I. Childcare would be easier with family support and now my son has a diagnosis he would be better with the stability of people he knows well. The primary schools there are much bigger though and i worry that my son may struggle with the size of them or be more at risk of bullying. Where he is now the school is so tiny they seem to keep on top of this and everyone knows who he is.

Part of me wants to stay here because my sons are in primary school, we have friends here and it is the easy thing to do. However if we stay, all of their friends will split up anyway as there are a number of secondary options locally (some pretty bad!). If we move to the new town the secondary school (outstanding) has two clear feeder schools which will mean they will have a chance to make some friends locally to move up with (especially important for my second son as he finds it quite difficult to make friends). He currently has only one very good friend at primary school and would be lost without him.

Should we just stay put or move? There are lots of positives to moving but how can I be sure they would settle or if the new school would be able to meet my youngest needs? WWYD?

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