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Rearranging living room and dining room

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Kel1234 Fri 04-Nov-16 10:50:40

Please bare with me here.
I live in a student house, but live with my husband and son, so getting rid of furniture isn't ideal.
Due to the layout, we are currently using the back room, so essentially the dining room, as our main living room. And the room at the front is where the dining table is (and a couple of other bits of furniture).
At the moment we have 2 2 seater sofas in the living room. There is also a 3 seater sofa currently in the dining room (here when we moved in).
We arranged the rooms as best we could, but we will be loving here for at least 2 years. So would really like to try and swap the rooms if we can. We've measured up, and it's virtually impossible to fit both sofas in the front room. (There's a bay window, a fireplace, the radiator opposite the fireplace, and the wall opposite the window is clear). In theory, one sofa would go in front of the heater, and the other opposite the window. But due to the chimney breast, the gap at the end is too narrow, so the sofa will not go against the wall, so would block the doorway. The other side of the chimney is a wooden top with the electric meter in. Directly opposite that is a small box with I assume wires or something in, it's attached to the wall.
We thought of putting one sofa in the window and one in front of the heater, but they will just about fit and would be touching each other. And the electric cupboard wouldn't open. It may look too cramped.
The only way would be to only have 1 sofa in the room, in front of the heater, and put the tv in the narrow corner by the chimney. Then we could still fit a table and my sons toys.
Then in the dining room it's not a problem as everything will fit. If we did that I was considering moving the long sofa upstairs into my study room, and leaving the other sofa in our dining room.
Would it be strange to only have one sofa in on living room? We hardly ever have visitors anyway, and if we did we could simply sit in the other room, which is also nearest the kitchen. Or we could simply get the dining table chairs and sit on them, so guests can have the sofa. (Then space depending we could get a single armchair for the living room, which could maybe go in the window, for an extra seat).
What would you do? Switch and only have one sofa? Or leave it as it is?
It would be nicer to have the front room as the actual living room, and the dining table as a place to eat.

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