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How do I tackle this?

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whoahokeycokey Tue 01-Nov-16 20:51:29

I work two days a week. Long days due to travel. It suits me and work. I have always been flexible or at least as flexible as nursery or family will allow. If I can swap my day to accommodate work I will. There's been an 'incident' that needs investigating and as I reported it I felt obliged to go in. I've already swapped my days this week as half term and with meetings etc so this was extra, time would be taken back. I've had to put youngest in nursery and oldest in sports camp. Although oldest probably would have gone anyway as he's had two weeks off and he asked to go. I arrive for meeting to find one attendee is not coming in till 11 and the other has gone off to do other work and won't be free till 2pm. Meeting was 10am. Not reasonable for me to stay till then. Anyway, when this meeting was arranged last week I responded to email invite with
'I will attend on my day off however please contact me on mobile(insert number) if it's cancelled or other'
I spoke to the attendee who decided she wasn't coming in till 11 the day email was sent and she said she'd seen my response and absolutely would call if problem. How do I stand that I've put my ds in nursery, rocked up for meeting (90 mins round trip) and no decker was there!

Today was the only day the other attendees were in together as they have annual leave so it was today or miss deadline which we will now do. I'm pissed on so many accounts but need balanced advice.

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