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Holiday club or not?

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PuntCuffin Thu 20-Oct-16 20:01:19

I work full time and suffer from all the clichés of maternal guilt about how much time my sons spend in childcare etc. I hate my job but need to keep it, bills, mortgage etc, it's a good job just I am sick of it.

I have leave in hand and had planned various day trips with my two sons (11 and 6) over half term. 11 year old has now expressed a strong preference for going into holiday club as it is a football course and he has set himself a goal to get into a better squad so wants to practice. He would rather do that than have time with me :-(

Most of the things I had planned, I will struggle to drop him off and then go with the 6 year old and get back in time for collection.

The alternatives as I see it are:
1. I don't send him and he is a grumpy pre-teen all week and none of us enjoy the time off
2. DS 11 goes to club and I rethink days out with just DS 6 to be more local and probably not so much fun.
3. Both go to club and I enjoy a few days of me time, walking the dog, reading my book and just not working.

Net cost of all choices is around the same whether I pay travel costs, entrance fees and packed lunches or clubs which include lunch and snacks.


TheCrowFromBelow Thu 20-Oct-16 20:07:10

Let him go to the club, and do some fun stuff for 6 year olds with your youngest. At that age what interests the 11 yo on a day out probably won't interest your 6yo anyway!
I'm sure you can find some good stuff to do - those courses are usually 6 hours a day. I wa surprise show much my two enjoyed painting pottery and things like that at that age.
And don't take it personally grin

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