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Computer Scam

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CheeseCakeSunflowers Fri 14-Oct-16 16:45:58

So earlier today my ds decided to use his old laptop as his newer one was playing up. The old one runs on windows xp and a pop-up appeared stating he had a virus and to phone an 0800 number to sort it out. By the time I realised what was happening he was chatting to a lady on the phone who had remote access to the laptop and he had given her his bank card details (not PIN) to pay for the service. When I took over the call she got quite annoyed and ended the call. We immediately cancelled his bank card and we have also changed his online banking passwords using another device. I have googled the 0800 number which confirms that it was a scam.
He has told them his name, address, email address, DOB and they have his mobile and landline numbers.
Is there anything else I should be doing?

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