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WWYD Concerns about causes of changes

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TheBouquets Tue 11-Oct-16 18:53:29

I don't know how much information to give but equally I don't want to give too little information.
There is a family member who has changed a lot in about 18 months, it is more change of temperament rather physical appearance. Extremely short tempered but mostly with certain people but not others. Constant talk of being short of money, selling things on Ebay. Working several jobs but only a few hours at each job, no job being financially supportive individually.
About 18 months ago this person separated from long term partner for justifiable reason, drug taking and money stealing due to drugs, drink and smoking. Then took up with another partner. This partner has a job but not financially well paid at all. This person has decided that they should cover up the relationship from the authorities. I also wonder if there is some really bad reason for this. (SO) This person is very alcohol orientated. Rumours about being a drug buddy with the previous partner. This is denied by family member but new partner has said things which would indicate otherwise.
I am constantly being asked to pay for this and that and although previously good at repaying loans is no longer paying back. While I would support my own family member(s) to the ends of the earth I have no intention of paying for any other adults.
To me there is a glaringly obvious reason for all this but this is denied. I do not know if my family member is involved or under the demand of the other person. My family member does not seem to see that this person is their choice and not anyone else's choice. Others have voiced certain derogatory comments to me about this person. There seems to be no boundaries that our family member puts in place of what this person should know about.
There are children around all this.
I just wonder what others would think of this and What they Would Do. It is causing so much strife!

JoJoSM2 Sat 15-Oct-16 22:21:35

The situation isn't really to do with you so I wouldn't dwell on it as its only likely to cause upset over a situation you can't control. Financially, I wouldn't sponsor them. As a grown up, they need to support themselves. Full stop.

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