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What do I do with this money?

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ThisUsernameIsAvailable Sun 09-Oct-16 17:54:01

I've lost a lot of weight and a lot of people have passed on their own clothes, my mum, grandma, friends, neighbour and I've bought from charity shops so I don't know what's come from where it when I got it.

I've just got a pair of pants out of my drawer to try on now I'm that size and found £25 in the pocket. It's obviously been washed because it has the remains of a brown envelope with bits of writing on it that I can't read.

What do I do?

Ring round and ask?
Keep it?

lovelybangers Mon 10-Oct-16 13:40:49

You could ask a few of the clothing donors if they gave you the particular pair of pants. Then you could offer to give them back the cash. If no one states that they were theirs then you probably got them from the charity shop.

Therefore donate it to the charity.

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