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Would you wear this dress for husbands birthday?

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Kel1234 Thu 06-Oct-16 20:20:25

It's my husbands birthday on Saturday, and we are going for a meal, it's in a pub at the Albert Dock in Liverpool, followed by drinks somewhere else- probably a bar or club.
I got the dress in the picture for a party I went to last year. Do you think it's suitable for a meal in a pub and drinks, or is it a bit much? (The other dresses I have are also similar- not too casual, and I've worn the others I feel comfortable in for other things recently.
What do you think? I'm planning on wearing a jacket and flat black shoes, hair up, and I never wear makeup, so i won't look too dressy.
(And excuse the pictures, I was 6 months pregnant when they were taken)

SpeckledyBanana Thu 06-Oct-16 20:23:37

I think it's fine smile

mortgagefreesoon5 Fri 07-Oct-16 07:34:03

It's a lovely dress and it's a special day, he'll love it. Just need to think of finishing touches now, shoes, handbag, nails and a bit of makeup and also are you having your hair loose? You are going to look fab. Have a lovely timesmile

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