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Should we send cards to my husbands friends babies?

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Kel1234 Thu 06-Oct-16 00:10:41

Our son was 1 last month, and we did him a party. Two of my husbands friends were also pregnant at the same time, one had her baby 5 weeks after I did, the other 5 months after me.
We invited them both to the party - the one who's baby is 5 weeks younger is my husbands colleague. I get on quite well with, I'd consider her a mutual friend, the other I've never actually met but from what I know she seems lovely (her and my husband studied together).
One had a family birthday the same day, too far to make both, and I understood that family come first. The other was coming, but she text that morning to say her little one was teething really bad and crying. So she didn't come either.
Neither of them even sent a card (I DID NOT do the party for presents, on not like that, but personally I'd never plan on attending a party, especially for a 1 year old, without even a card.
Now I know you don't give to receive, but should we send a card to her little one who is 1 next week anyway? And the same with the other who will be 1 in February?
Would it be nice to send a card to both the little ones, even though they didn't send to our little one?

Mybeardeddragonjustdied2016 Thu 06-Oct-16 16:12:11

Send the cards. It may prompt them to make more effort in the future! And next time you see them it won't be you that's embarrassed!

Starryeyed16 Thu 06-Oct-16 16:13:54

It's just a card I don't understand why the issue is over it tbh

Kel1234 Thu 06-Oct-16 18:03:07

A bit rude, I was only asking a question

LuluNTutu Thu 06-Oct-16 18:06:15

I'd sent the card. I do cards & pressies for friends' kids, because I'm fond of them, even though parents don't reciprocate.

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