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Would a cabin bed or mid sleeper be ok for a 3 year old?

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itwillbegrandsure Fri 23-Sep-16 16:41:15

We need to get our 3 year old DD a bed but we'd ideally like it to provide us with some underneath storage space due to lack of bedroom space.

We've seen some mid sleepers and cabin beds which would be ideal but I'm wondering if DD might be too young for them?

We would use a toddler bed barrier.

Anyone else got their toddler in one of these beds? Good or bad idea?

SpeckledyBanana Fri 23-Sep-16 16:44:24

We put 5yo DS in a midsleeper, personally any younger would worry me. DD (3) can get into his bed alone, but she can't get down the ladder again - not very safe, really.

TheSunnySide Fri 23-Sep-16 16:51:03

We had an Ikea Kura bed from about 3/4 years old and DS slept at the bottom on a spare mattress and occasionally on the top. He will be 6 in December and we recently turned it round so he sleeps off the floor now.

sleepyhead Fri 23-Sep-16 17:01:26

We're planning on getting ds2 an Ikea Kura fairly soon.

He'll be nearly 4 when we get it, but will happily go up and down the ladder of the high sleeper that ds1 sleeps in at the grandparents house given half a chance, and the Kura isn't all that much higher than the cot which he currently sleeps in and vaults out of in the morning.

Snowwhitequeen Fri 23-Sep-16 17:09:13

My DD (4) has a mid sleeper and has since age 3; never been an issue. DS is 3, same story, and again totally fine. The sides are high and they'd have to make a serious effort to fall out of bed. They are very careful on in their ladders. It's all been fine. Gives us storage and they love being high and sleep better that way for some reason.

Starlight234 Fri 23-Sep-16 17:16:01

Personally I wouldn't..Have you could considered toilet training.

Verbena37 Tue 27-Sep-16 14:11:27

Officially. A children's charity said you shouldn't put a child into a bunk bed (so higher than a mid sleeper/cabin bed) until the age of 7.

I'm pretty sure many parents put them in bunks before that but ds was four when we got him a midsleeper. I think a raised cabin bed that doesn't have steps etc would be better and lower for you to sit on etc.

itwillbegrandsure Wed 05-Oct-16 15:19:25

We are only considering a mid sleeper (not a high sleeper or bunk bed) or possibly a cabin bed - cabin bed being second choice as less storage. Ideally it would be something like the white mid sleeper attached. Doesn't look easy to fall out of. Alternatively we'd go for the cabin bed attached but will add 'rails' to stop her falling out.

She doesn't ever attempt to climb out of her cot. She's v happy to wait for one of us to come and get her in the mornings.

She's a good little climber so the steps shouldn't be an issue.

Much to think about!

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