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bought car no insurance

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mum2benicole Thu 08-Sep-16 05:45:50

just bought a car i have to pick it up from the garage today. i have to get the tax sorted before going to pick it up, i payed for the insurance online but on finalising it the date it starts is for the end of the month.
can i drive it home or what i dont no where i stand the insurance wanted £300 more to start it for today but i dont have the money
what do i do ??
any info welcome

bearleftmonkeyright Thu 08-Sep-16 05:59:04

What would I do? Well do not drive it home. Ring your insurance company. It seems bonkers that you didn't get immediate cover.

JemimaMuddledUp Thu 08-Sep-16 05:59:42

No, you can't drive it without insurance.

Could someone from the garage drive it to your house on trade plates?

rosie1959 Thu 08-Sep-16 06:02:37

Little confused if you knew you were picking the car up today then why not start the Insurance from today's date
I seem to remember when I picked my last car up I had to have all the documents in place including a valid cover note for the insurance
Driving without insurance is a big no no

YoungGirlGrowingOld Thu 08-Sep-16 06:07:10

Don't drive without insurance. I made a stupid error when insuring my car and got one letter in the number plate wrong. I was pulled over by the police while driving back from the garage as their uninsured driver number plate recognition thingo picked up there was no policy for that plate. It was all sorted in the end but if you deliberately drive with no insurance then I wouldn't expect the police to be sympathetic.

Just start the policy a month earlier than planned and start saving for the renewal. There is no way round this. You need insurance.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Thu 08-Sep-16 06:16:20

If you can't afford the £300, look into getting a day of insurance just to drive it home. Some companies do that. But I agree it's mental for it not to start straight away. Can I ask who you are insured with? The garage I bought my car from wouldn't let me leave with it until they had proof of my tax and insurance.

HelpfulChap Thu 08-Sep-16 06:20:43

What beingatwat said.

Ring the insurance co and get a cover note for a few days. Should not be prohibitively expensive.

mum2benicole Thu 08-Sep-16 08:18:52

I'm insured with diamond I just forgot to change the date on it I will ask the garage if they canndrive it and will have to see about getting the extra money it's my first ever car and I don't no anyone with a car to have asked to help my mistake
I will ask about a day cover thanks

Kr1stina Thu 08-Sep-16 08:21:34

Why does the insurance cost £300 for an extra 3 weeks? That's daft .

Just ring round insurers and get a better deal. And of course call the garage to say you don't have the insurance sorted so you won't be collecting it u til you do , probably Monday .

Kr1stina Thu 08-Sep-16 08:22:48

I wouldn't have an uninsured car siting outside on the street . Do you have a driveway or garage? Do you live in a safe area ?

blueskyinmarch Thu 08-Sep-16 08:29:15

£300 extra for a few weeks sounds mad. How much was the annual policy? I would call them and tell them it needs to start from today and see what they say. If you recently organised it you will have a cooling off period so can cancel it and get another policy elsewhere starting today. It is usually easy enough to organise. It is probably better to organise this on the phone rather than online so you can be clear about what you need.

Frazzled2207 Thu 08-Sep-16 08:30:03

You should be able to cancel the insurance with no fee- think there is a 7 day cooling off period- and start again. Though if you ring diamond and say you want to cancel they may sort you out. No way is it right it should cost an extra £300- someone's made a mistake

LIZS Thu 08-Sep-16 08:30:40

Is it taxed? Don't you need insurance cover to do so.

rosie1959 Thu 08-Sep-16 13:16:20

You can't leave an un insured car on the public highway it's has I believe SORN and kept in a private drive or garage

puzzledleopard Thu 08-Sep-16 13:47:53

You can't collect it till you have sorted the Car tax and insurance.

I dont think you have much choice other than to get back to garage ask if they can keep it any longer and agree to a date then start your insurance on that day (it starts at 00.01 so no need to do it the day before ) so your insurance is valid so in first thing the morning you can phone or go online to do your tax then go pick the car up in the mid morning / afternoon

It would be completely irresponsible to drive it without insurance not just for your sake, the cost of your car but other road users and the liability aspect of the insurance the injuries people can sustain from an accident.

Trade plates and a a days cover isn't going to help if you if you are responsible for insurance and the tax if you have nowhere to store it off the road. As others have said you cannot leave an uninsured car on the public highway. You have to declare a car sorn if your vehicle isn’t insured (even for a short time, eg there’s a delay renewing your policy) so you won't be able to tax it and there's the possibility it will be removed from the roadside if it's not sorn, not to mention the risk leaving it with no insurance even if the garage did drop it off.

akkakk Thu 08-Sep-16 13:55:31

phone company
- tell them that insurance should run from today for a year, rather than end of month for a year
should be same cost

PersianCatLady Tue 20-Sep-16 16:31:51

TBH this story seems a bit strange to me.

Why on Earth would you buy insurance and set it up for the end of the month?

If you get someone from the garage to drive the car to your house and then leave it say on your driveway and something happens to it, then it won't be insured, will it?

Why don't you just ask the garage to keep hold of the car until the insurance comes into effect?

NerrSnerr Tue 20-Sep-16 16:36:35

As the others said you need insurance. Have you just passed your test as if you're in the first 2 years after passing your test you will be banned if you get 6 points on your licence and if you get caught for no insurance that's 6 points!

BertieBotts Tue 20-Sep-16 16:39:12

Yes - cancel with cooling off period law and restart the policy.

Thinkingblonde Fri 23-Sep-16 09:04:55

Have you transferred the policy from a previous vehicle? If so ring the insurers and ask them to change the date on the policy. I bought a brand new car, the dealership insured me for three days to allow me to drive it off the forecourt, it was part of the deal but not all dealerships do this.

Thinkingblonde Fri 23-Sep-16 09:08:20

Oops that'll teach me to RTFT. Ignore me, I see that it's your first ever car and it's all sorted out by now.

froubylou Fri 23-Sep-16 09:09:24

If you have only just set the policy off you need to cancel it and start again. Ring the customer services department and explain your problem. They might be able to change it for you over the phone.

If you have paid a deposit you definitely need to speak to someone as if you cancel online you might not get the deposit back for a few days.

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