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Baby shower

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Mrsmoppety Wed 31-Aug-16 10:07:01

I have a good friend who I haven't known that long but we attend the same hobby twice a week. Some other friends of her's are having a baby shower for her on Sunday and she has invited me along, just a nice afternoon tea and cake nothing too fancy so I said I'd love too. She has added me to the Facebook group so I could find out time, place ect, and I realised it actually a joint baby shower for her and another of her friends who I don't know/ have never met. Presents will certainly not be expected but I wanted to buy her a nice little present and card but now I'm unsure if I should be buying something for the other lady too? Like I said I've never met her but I almost feel rude turning up without anything for her but something for my friend! Do i get her something small anyway?

BumblebeeBum Wed 31-Aug-16 10:12:38

If money is ok, I'd buy the other lady something not too expensive but nice. So, baby hat, gloves, body butter, little book or similar. Actually, a book you yourself enjoyed as a child or your own kids enjoy would be great and not cost a lot at all. Around £5, packaged up nicely, wishing her and baby the very best.

You'll get 'oh you shouldn't have' and then you can all get on with having a lovely time.

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