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Booked painter but a different one turned up - rough work

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Seren1649 Tue 30-Aug-16 21:18:29

Booked painter on basis of his references, how he appeared when we met him, what he had to say and his quote. This morning, as planned, he came to the house but with someone else who, he said, would be doing the work. Presumably this person works for him but even that much wasn't clear. I was surprised but didn't want to embarrass this person so the work went ahead. We've now noticed that the ceiling is very patchy - may improve but it looks a bit rough. The unexpected painter is due back tomorrow to do the walls. I've emailed the original painter (don't have his colleague's contact details) to express a bit of concern at the ceiling & to suggest that it's looked at.

Not sure where to go with this. When he turned up today, he said he was booked elsewhere though his recent emails made it clear that it would be him doing the work.

See what happens? Ask it to stop now and start afresh with someone else? Any thoughts/ideas gratefully received!

Kanga59 Sat 10-Sep-16 09:25:23

I had this too. the main guy did the quote, won the work, talked of his experience and we agreed to go ahead. He text me the night before work was due to set and said that Bob (someone else) would be there to start at 8 am tomorrow. so i called him and cancelled on basis I had booked him, the main guy!

The that you let the other guy start now. However, main guy still has overall responsibility and it's presumably his company and reputation.

I would email the main guy along the lines of....we're surprised yesterday that you weren't going to be here very day but appreciate that you have staff for whom you retain overall quality control. well, we are not happy with the quality thus far. it's not as expected. I hope you don't mind me being direct, and I'm sure you were going to check all the work over anyway; but may I suggest that you come by before the next stage so that we can discuss the work completed so far.

have you paid anything yet?

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