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Would you class this as shoddy workmanship and not pay the joiner?

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AndieNZ Thu 25-Aug-16 08:58:58

Okay so we decided to have our kitchen work tops replaced. We bought the work tops and paid £1000 for them as we had chosen a really good quality worktop out of the several ranges available.

DH is quite good at DIY but we knew to get a really good job done we would need to get a joiner in.
My parents recommended a local joiner to us and said his work was good but he wasn't cheap.
We asked him over to provide us with a quote and he quoted £150 plus VAT for a day's work. He said the job overall would take about three days. We also needed a boiler boxing in, a couple of brand new cabinets installing plus we were going to replace the kitchen sink.

He explained that he had just finished a big job but he had three days to fit us in before he went on holiday. After that, he was booked up solid until Xmas.

He arrived on Monday and by Tuesday evening I came home from work and he was here talking to DH. He had installed the worktop and by the looks of things he was packed up already. I was surprised as it was meant to be a three day job. I overheard a heated conversation (maybe the word heated is a bit strong but I could tell DH wasn't happy) DH saying " I'm sorry but I'm not happy with that, would you be happy if your worktop looked like that?" Joiner replied that yes it was normal with our type of worktops and the best he could do.

They were talking about two joins in each corner. There are two distinctive lines where the worktop has been cut, DH used to know a kitchen fitter in NZ who said that joins are a bugger to get right as you get one crack at making the cut, but a skilled experienced joiner should have no trouble. Hence why we wanted to get a professional in.

Joiner has now quickly left to go on holiday and left his bank details for us to pay him £400.
We haven't paid him just yet but we are torn with what to do as we don't feel happy with his work. We feel he has rushed our job as he has squeezed us in between him going on holiday, The joins are quite visible as its a dark marbly effect worktop and we feel disappointed with the way it looks.

Having said that, we are conscious of the fact we could be being super picky too. We have placed a microwave over most of it, and in a particular light it's not that noticeable. We thought about getting a second opinion from another joiner but getting a joiner is impossible as they are so busy and who would take time out to give an opinion on someone else's work?

What would you do? Anyone know a joiner or kitchen fitter?

helenatroy Thu 25-Aug-16 09:14:30

Hard to say without seeing it.

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