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College and anxiety

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TrampyCat Wed 24-Aug-16 09:03:57

I have bad health anxiety and put myself down to start a course in access to nursing. I was ok about it but now my stress levels are through the roof and I'm suppose to enrol today... I've decided not to do it for this reason, please tell me I'm not a total failure. I'm not sure if I'm making the right choice....I can always do it later if I want can't I? Wwyd?
When I say bad anxiety I mean bad not just saying it to be a drama lama.

Thisismyalias Wed 24-Aug-16 09:06:04

I get you. Have you asked for help with your anxiety?

Its taken me 15 years to ask for help, but propranolol has literally changed my life. I wish i got it sooner.

TrampyCat Wed 24-Aug-16 09:12:30

I've had 3 years of cbt. Not helped,probably worse than ever..just feel like a total let down right now and self loathing and that everyone hates me (people probably don't care)

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