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Setting boundaries

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CynicalHands Mon 08-Aug-16 14:27:36

Hi everyone, I've just got married and we are expecting out first baby in March 😊😊😊

I read this really interesting article about dealing with a bullying MIL here

One of the points of advice was to set boundaries and communicate the consequences of those boundaries.

Does anyone have any experience or advice on how to do this? I can't really imagine case tell someone who disregards boundaries that they will get a consequence without aggravating the situation.

To give a recent example, at our wedding my husband'sparents wanted to give gifts to their relatives as it's tradition. We asked them to do this at the reception not during the ceremony or meal as we had a busy day planned. They completely disregarded this and at the wedding breakfast just started giving out their gifts. I even heard my.husband say he wanted to do this later and they ignored his and carried on.

Moving forward in the future, how do I more.clearly. communicate boundaries and possible consequences? I am concerned about they ignoring our wishes when it comes to our child.


RosieandJim89 Sat 13-Aug-16 08:28:08

You have given one example there, is this a frequent thing?
Personally the worst my mil did when Ds was born was come over twice a day whilst I was trying to rest and let herself in. As a new by mother I was getting annoyed so put a key in the door so she couldn't get in grin

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