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Elderly driver on wrong side of road

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handbags88 Wed 03-Aug-16 20:08:45

I live in a city that is very popular with tourists (I mention this because it might be relevant).

Yesterday I was driving along the street when I spotted a car driving directly towards me on the wrong side of the road.

At first I thought maybe they were turning/parking so I slowed down. They continued driving towards me until I had to stop the car in the middle of the street and beep the horn.The lady driving the car was elderly with an elderly man beside her.
She clearly got a real fright and swerved the car back onto the correct side of the road and drove off quickly.

I was quite shaken - I had my baby in the car and have only recently passed my test.

My husband thinks I should have taken her registration and reported her to the police for dangerous driving but to be honest I was just glad there was no accident!

Was it irresponsible of me to not report her? Perhaps she was a tourist in a rental car? confused
He thinks she could have dementia/poor eyesight.

mrssmith79 Wed 03-Aug-16 20:19:50

I did this a few times in Marbella (along with a few near misses on roundabouts) and I'm only in my thirties! Mind you, I've vowed never to drive in foreign countries again - bar Cyprus.
Could be a number of explanations but seeing as you don't have the reg there's not a lot you can do.

MrsJoeyMaynard Sat 06-Aug-16 18:19:50

Nothing you can do without the registration.

But if you had managed to get the registration (easier said than done when you're worried about them driving into you, I'm sure), then reporting them would have been appropriate.

Optimist1 Sat 06-Aug-16 19:09:08

She could have been from a country where they drive on the "wrong" side of the road and made a mistake.
She could have genuinely thought the road was one way.
I'd give her the benefit of the doubt - being elderly might have fuck all to do with it.

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