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Help! Mirena coil fitted and in agony

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pickles90 Thu 28-Jul-16 23:04:34

Hi all... OK so about a week and a half ago I ha's the mirena coil fitted (12 weeks after giving birth)... I had this before so this is the second time I have had it. Was fine when having it put in but I am now in agony... this bit is a bit TMI but.. also when I need the toilet (2) it feels like its going to come out! Or if I cough or sneeze... I have also been bleeding heavily since having this done... is this normal or should I get this checked!? WWYDM?

6demandingchildren Sun 31-Jul-16 07:50:46

My daughter had one and when it was inserted it perforated her uterus. She thought the pain was normal so waited. Best get it checked out xx

pickles90 Sun 31-Jul-16 11:24:44

Thanks for the advice... had it for 2 weeks now... still in pain and still heave bleeding. Will get it checked asap.

Boiing Sun 31-Jul-16 11:29:38

Definitely insist on being seen tmrw, don't let them fob you off with a non emergency appointment. I've read that Mirena can move and injure other organs, its rare but worth checking out asap. It should not hurt.

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