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housing Situation cant move but need to

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MissBBELL Sun 24-Jul-16 14:01:31

Hello, looking for some views and advice.

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and me and oh have come the conclusion that where we are living now isn't right for us or our baby and isn't the best neighbourhood safety wise.

We moved into this privet 2 bed flat 4 years ago as students and it has done its purpose. it was cheap and near what we wanted. But now with number one on the way we have been a bit more aware of its cons. The flat needs much work on it and our landlord is slow. the local area is a buzz with drug activity and the younger people are very polite most nights there's a fight outside out door. Its not very close to our jobs now.

The choice would be simple move right?

but heres the kick in the teeth. We cant afford to move like at all. and recently one of the two jobs I worked dropped me after finding someone they felt was a better fit after a year of working for them and shortly after I told them I was pregnant... but that's something else to deal with we can afford to stay where we are but the cons. very little pros now.

We do not claim benefits and both work. we have two dogs and I know that ties our hands but they are just as much family both rescues. When we look into what help we can get no one gives us a straight answer and I hate talking to machines. We do not have a landline or internet at home as we barely make our rent and bills. currently at a friends house.

I'm tired frustrated and frankly don't have much trust in the local gov to help us but I need to ask what would you guys do?

Am I missing something. Our contract for the flat is up soon and our land lord has asked if we want to renew but at the moment I don't know what to do.


Foslady Mon 25-Jul-16 20:26:16

If you're good tenants does he have any more oroprties more family friendly?

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