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Getting my baby to sleep

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desparateneedofadvice1 Thu 07-Jul-16 19:21:14

Hi I need some advice,

My baby girl is now 13 wks and I can't put her to bed on her own without her screaming the house down! She doesn't take a bottle or a dummy and I'm not sure how to get her to sleep with out rocking her or letting her fall asleep in the breast, she then wakes up when she comes off.

Please help any advice would be greatly appreciated.

humblesims Sun 10-Jul-16 15:51:40

Not much good advice I'm afraid. Just to say that its very common with BF babies. Mine were both the same. I could only ever settle them on the breast or in my arms and for that reason I co slept with both of them until they were bout six months or maybe longer. My eldest I tried contolled crying and it was hell. Pure hell. But it was advice I took and it worked for a time but any disruption to routine would upset it and it would have to be reinforce. I regret to this day (he's 17) that I inflicted that on him (and on myself). My only advice is to take the road of least resistance. It seems like a long haul when your baby is so young but before you know it they will be teenagers lazing around in bed all day and you wont be able to get them out of their beds! I'm sure someone will be along with more useful advice later.

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