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stranger danger?

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twirlytwat Mon 27-Jun-16 13:53:11

(First kind!)

Just now on dropping my children off for regular session at nursery I became aware of a man entering the building behind another parent (doors locked with access granted by reception recognising parents/visitors via Windows normally).
One of the managers approached him immediately and briefly listened to his sales pitch (something to do with a new waste contract), before accepting contact details and turning him away.
I don't have any complaints about how it was handled and am naturally an anxious person (especially re parenting and safety etc). But after walking home feeling concerned about it I rang to enquire about what their protocol would be if this became a regular occurrence or concern. Conversation was pleasant, reassuring and addressed my concerns but ultimately made me realise that short of informing police etc there's nothing they can to do physically prevent someone with intent from entering the building in such circumstances. Policy would normally be by appointment only. They do have a PSCO who offers regular support and advice but I'm not sure what they could actually do had the situation escalated. He was also carrying a bag which could of had anything in it.
Am I being unduly hysterical about this and it's just something that could, however unlikely, be an issue i all school/nursery type buildings, therefore an accepted risk or am I right to be worried?
Something instinctively raised my suspicions about this man and I got the impression that the staff dealing with it felt the same, although they dealt with it amicably and professionally.
Just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar and whether I should expect any further action to be taken or communication about the incident, or even if it is to be classed as an incident at all!


Gizlotsmum Mon 27-Jun-16 13:55:37

I think they did all they could. Our nursery used to have a sign requesting parents don't let anyone through even if they know them... Which all parents seemed to accept even if it felt a bit awkward at times

AgentProvocateur Mon 27-Jun-16 14:16:05

Yes, unduly hysterical. No, door-to-door salesman walking through an open door and being intercepted by a member of staff immediately doesn't count as an incident.

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