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Has anyone else had a bad experience travelling with children on Virgin Trains?

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SammyAmmy Fri 24-Jun-16 08:30:24

Hi all,
I had a horrendous experience with Virgin trains and complained via their email complaint page about 3 weeks ago and they've ignored me. Just wondering if anyone else has had a bad experience with them and advice what to do when they ignore you hmmsoo frustratingsad

Below is the email with details I sent to them after the incident;

Further to this incident, I would like to make a formal complaint about the customer service I did not receive on the actual journey.

Considering the way the customer service was so unhelpful before hand I should have heeded the warning and not used your trains that are so unhelpful to parents with children.

I was shocked to see an advert that indicated children were made to feel welcome and even receive travel packs when in reality this could not have been further from the truth.

From the appalling treatment I got on your train service I would never want to travel with virgin trains or recommend to anyone else with children.

Firstly the train was late and we had 4 minutes to get from the waiting area onto the train - after absolutely no help via email I called your assistance line and was told you only help disabled people but that I could ask someone for assistance on the platform, (as I was travelling on my own with a 2 year old and 1 year old In a pushchair, it was not easy for me to have both of them out and previously I had travelled with my eldest daughter on our own and she was able to sleep in the buggy throughout the journey, which would have helped this time).
At the platform, I approached what I didn't realise was the train manager - 'Gary' who said I could sit in the first carriage as there was a space for the pushchair.
On entry I realised it was first class, which is not what I paid for and there was no seating around the accessible space, I quickly realised that myself and two year old would be on the floor - In a first world country and on an train that is supposed to be reputable!!! I could not believe it and was so embarrassed, but left me with no choice as with the kids and the luggage had to settle in for the 2 and a half hour journey - (with toddlers this is a task at the beat of times).

A really nice young gentleman came round with the first class snacks and offered me one but I declined knowing that I wasn't a frat class ticket holder - even when he kindly tried to force them on me I refused as I didn't want to get into trouble.

Then the manager (Gary) came with a really obnoxious women pushing another trolley asking to see tickets.
He took my ticket - while I was on the floor with my daughter and incredulously asked for £15 for the upgrade!!!I couldn't believe it! I was on the floor and this man told me to sit there, who didn't even ask me if I was a first class passenger or want an upgrade when he directed me. I honestly thought he was joking!!! So said - 'you must be joking right? You told me to sit here' (plus I was sitting on the floor!!!) no way was I going to pay £15 to sit in the floor!!!!! Even the principal doesn't make sense.
He said - it's first class',
I responded 'you told me to sit here'!
He said 'I didn't know what ticket you had'
I said 'fine, I'm not paying £15 to sit on the floor, where is the accessible seat and I'll go'
He flippantly replied 'down there'

I started to pack up to walk down the moving train with my luggage, Pram and two year old when a really nice passenger offered to help me, That's when the obnoxious trolley pusher must have felt guilty and said - 'can u get someone to help'?
I couldn't believe their rudeness, so the only offer of help was because another passenger offered???? I said this to her - she only feels bad cos the other lady offered to help, which she then started hurling abuse at me and raising her voice.
Thankfully there was transport police on the train and I called them over. They could see that the way they were handling me was out of order and I wasn't a trouble make but really upset about their lack of customer service and assistance.

I had to walk through the whole train, which was stressful and dangerous.
I got so fed up and asked someone coming brought if they'd seen an accessible space - and was told there was a wheelchair there. I nearly crumpled in a heap and just gave up and ended up spending the journey in between carriages on a he'd floor, with doors opening at stations, which was very dangerous for my two year old.

I honestly felt so ashamed and never ever have had such bad customer service experience against me and my children. I paid £50 for that round trip to be treated like a 2nd class citizen.

Well done virgin trains, you have lost one valued customer and gained a very bad reputation.

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