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Give me strength!!

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KayteN Tue 21-Jun-16 22:21:11

Do you ever just ask why? I split with my husband when I was pregnant with my DS in 2014 and have pretty much bought him up single handedly. My ex has only recently got involved and begun to see his son regularly. I decided I'd wait until LO was a year old before I met anyone new and just before he turned one I met someone. He seemed great and I thought we had an amazing relationship but there were a few things that bothered me about him, I'd caught him out in a few lies and he'd tried to blame my anxiety/ insecurity issues. However, months in and after him claiming to have had an apparent vasectomy- I found out that I was 20 weeks pregnant- bit of a shock- no symptoms what so ever. We were rocky already and the more questions I asked about his past the more he started to behave strangely. I finished with him when my parents shared their very apparent worries about him and his past. As things have unraveled he has lied to me about everything... His job; his life history; friends; past relationships- even telling me that his mother passed about 2 months when I've since found out she's alive and kicking. Everything was a total lie and from his family it seems like it was based around money or what money he could get from me- bear in mind I am a part time teacher with a young son so I'm hardly rolling in it! However. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and I feel like I'm falling apart at the seams. I've had to involve the police as they are now treating it as domestic abuse. I have a young boy who should be my priority and I'm panicking how a new baby is going to affect him as well as all the stress from what's going on. I have nothing to do with the ex anymore and he's shown no interest in wanting anything further to do with our little girl- so I'm doing all this again on my own with a toddler in tow. On an emotional level I'm devastated how someone could treat me so hideously; lie to my face and then pretty much abandon me. I have an amazing family but it's mortifying telling my friends. I just don't know how to find strength at the moment. I feel selfish because I have friends who are desperate for children and I feel selfish moaning about being pregnant but I don't know how I'm going to cope doing all this on my own again... Please help!!!

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