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Due early 2017, planning a wedding

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Hazandduck Tue 21-Jun-16 16:53:52


My partner told me he was planning to propose back in Dec 15, so we were planning on getting married in May next year and trying for a baby a few months before so I would be pregnant at the wedding! I have been on the pill for 9 years and thought it would take a year or so to conceive, so then I came off about March using condoms briefly, but fell pregnant the first time we had unprotected and am now due 1st of Feb 17 I think.

Partner proposed when he found out but we have to think of the wedding around baby now...

My issue is, I have dreamed of this wedding for our whole 9 years together, and planned so much of it. I want to enjoy baby when they arrive and not feel undue pressure to lose weight or anything like that in an unreasonable time frame. I was thinking an August wedding at the earliest, however other half is dragging his heels because the football season starts in August! the fixtures aren't out until next June so we have to risk it I being stupid to ask him to push it back to then? Next year we will have been together for ten years and I really want to get married next year, especially because I want us all to have the same surname (I mean no offence to anyone who hasn't got the same as their children it is just my personal preference.)

What do people think? Should I let OH decide the date and risk not feeling my best for our wedding. I always wanted to be married first but am having to just suck it up as I am so excited for this baby and see it as a blessing.

Sorry for my ramble! X

BackforGood Wed 22-Jun-16 00:33:47

You still have a two week window, when it's both August, and the Football season hasn't started, if those are the 2 things that are important to you - if you are in the UK, the season doesn't start until 1/2 way through August.

Hazandduck Wed 22-Jun-16 12:30:43

Ah I thought the season started that second weekend? Another friend is getting married the first weekend of August! Thank you for answering my post smile

FriendlyGhost Wed 22-Jun-16 14:05:51

I think you should ask him if a football match is really more important. I do seem to remember at my wedding the best man checking scores and passing them onto my dad and DH but they all survived without actually seeing a match.
Personally I would leave it as late in the summer as you feel comfortable. I still haven't lost all my baby weight 18 months on. I may have done if I had a wedding but it does take time. Are you planning to breastfeed? That may be another consideration as it will affect what you can wear on the day and how happy your baby is to be looked after by someone else. At six months my dd was still feeding every three hours or so. She was and still is a determined bottle refuser. If your baby is a bit older and is on solids you may get away with longer between feeds.
Congratulations on both! I hope you manage to agree on something.

Hazandduck Thu 23-Jun-16 13:14:00

Thank you friendly I think we are on the same thread for Feb 17 smile hello again! Lol. We set our date last night for Saturday the 26th of August and he said if it's on the same day as the footy he just gets to moan about it for the rest of our married lives haha. So glad he has come round. Think it's because I told him I was actually excited about the baby for the first time yesterday when I've always been really scared of having children. Silly I know but it meant a lot to him to hear it.

How are you feeling now? Did you go for a scan today?

Agreed I will need to carefully plan my dress, as I would love to BF as long as possible! It is going to be at my Mum and dad's in the garden so quite chilled out hopefully x X

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