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Finding somewhere new to live with kid in tow

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bootytoots Tue 14-Jun-16 20:28:20

We were served notice today that means we have to leave our flat in the next couple of months. DS is 4 and already signed up to the local school but we cant find anywhere within budget to rent that is close enough to school.

We need somewhere to rent that is close enough to get to DP's work in London and I have no idea how to resolve the issue regarding where DS will be going to school. We only found this out today and it sent me into a huge panic attack. I have MH problems and where I am there is okayish support for that but there is nowhere near the school DS has been accepted into that will be able to take us. DP was looking into buying somewhere cheap but the most amount he can get a mortgage for is £120,000. We have found some places that are slightly cheaper but most of what we have found is either a houseboat or up for auction and I have no idea how that works. Please can anybody help me with what they might do in this situation? What do I do about DS school? I know my first option is to call the school but I'm scared he won't get a place in another school when we have to move.

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