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Poorly sound insulated flat in sought after location vs peace in not so sought after location

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Luv2chat2U Sun 12-Jun-16 12:49:50

Hi all, I've previously posted something similar on the property thread, and hoping for new advice.

I live in a beautiful conversion property in a very sought after location, which is very safe for my children. However, the soundproofing is absolutely dreadful meaning I am exposed to daily noise nuisance from the tenants above and to the side which is very intrusive. The noise which is daily living sounds comprises of heavy footsteps, toddlers, big children and a dog which runs back and forth as the tenants rarely take it out for walks. I have been complaining to my local Authority for several years and have finally been given an urgent management transfer as they are not prepared to install sound insulation.

So far the properties have been in areas not so nice, but not terrible and ground floor conversion properties meaning I'm likely to occur the same issues.

I'm really gutted as I love my area and beautiful huge flat with old features but also grateful that I've been given the opportunity to move as the noise has really impacted on my health.

What do you think I should do? Would you move to a less desirable area for the sake of peace or stay in a sought after area and put up with daily noise abuse? And look for a home swap instead?

I've tried approaching the tenants but their not having any of it and have explained that there 12-year-old is developing and doing acrobats....unfortunately I feel that the only thing that separates us is newspaper for soundproofing, as every time they move so does my furniture and windows from the vibration, I feel as though I'm constantly on stimulator ride that I haven't agreed to participate in.

Please help. 😕

ZerenaZZ Tue 21-Jun-16 22:04:46

I'd go for peace. Unless the less sought after location is filled with gangs or other social problems. Would you be able to soundproof your current flat?

Flacidunicorn Tue 21-Jun-16 22:09:21


I'd happily live in the middle of nowhere with noone near me. The noise, the chattering, the music etc that people bring really get on my wick. In fact I hate it, I wish everyone would shut up and fuck off.

Pleasant aren't I... grin

Just5minswithDacre Tue 21-Jun-16 22:49:24

Peace and quiet, definitely.

Luv2chat2U Fri 01-Jul-16 01:42:05

Thank you all for your comments...

I've actually been offered a property, It's a nice newish build house in a desierable area however the location of the property itself is on a cul-de-sac placed in what appears to be a neglected section of built up council looking properties... It's not best located in terms of transportation or shops and the surrounding properties are very old run down looking like they were built before the war...even the newish build properties look unkept....I very much like a home to look visually appealing both inside and out... Inside is lovey enough outside is the issue....

Do you think I should go for it!

Atenco Fri 01-Jul-16 02:12:43

I don't think there is any guarantee that the new place will be any better soundwise. Why don't you look into the costs of sound-proofing where you are and if you can't afford it, ask if maybe the expense could be discounted from your rent? Though I honestly don't know how feasible that would be with your Local Authority.

Luv2chat2U Fri 01-Jul-16 02:42:49

Thank you Atenco....I've looked into landlord isn't interested and I'd be happy to do it but my ceilings are too low, so, there isn't any guarantee....

In regards to noise I agree, perhaps sound between walls might be thin, however I could cope better with that than the stampeding coming from above ....

It's just the visual depression of where the property is located. 😕

Luv2chat2U Fri 01-Jul-16 02:47:37

Oh by the way if I took it, it would be on the grounds that I could get a swap...

Winterbiscuit Sat 02-Jul-16 17:56:13

Another vote for peace and quiet smile

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