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would you go to the Euros?

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HeadFairy Sun 05-Jun-16 21:31:50

Dh has tickets to two Euro matches, he was going to take 8 yo ds with him, but my mum is all worried about security risk. Not really concerned about travelling in France, they have a house there and we all have been since the terrorist attacks last year, however my mum was all concerned about going to a high profile venue full of people, given on Nov 13th the Stade De France was one of the targets.

So wwyd?

frozentree Mon 06-Jun-16 08:37:45

I'm working as a volunteer at the Euro2016. The security is unbelievable, so many guards and checks to get into the venues and the tournament hasn't even started yet. I would imagine that the risk of anything happening is much higher in Paris/other cities in general than actually at the stadiums.

HeadFairy Mon 06-Jun-16 18:11:38

Thanks for that Frozentree... I'm so apprehensive about the idea of him going. I don't mind dh going grin and I'm normally very circumspect about these things, I was back on the tube the day after 7/7, but my gut keeps telling me something's not right here. Another nutter was arrested today with 2 RPGs, 6000 bullets and tons of TNT, planning 15 attacks in France during the Euros.

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