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To move back to old town or not?

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HappyMummy31 Tue 31-May-16 11:00:52


I haven't posted here for a long time but I would really appreciate people's thoughts! It's rather complicated so I'll try to be concise!

My husband and our two children moved to a different part of the country a couple of years ago after leaving the town I grew up in as he had a new job. My parents also moved from there to a city about 20 miles away. While this may seem close to some people, we did live within five minutes of each other so it seems quite far away in contrast. Initially I felt quite happy but after a while I realised we had made a mistake in choosing this area. The people are all of a certain ilk and it's very cliquey, which I hate. There is very little to do in the area and I think the cliquiness at school may be related to this. I have gone from having nice friends and lots to go and do, to feeling isolated (despite being open to any friendship opportunity) and feeling rather trapped. I see my Mum quite a lot still though which is nice.

My husband now has a new job which would enable us to move back to our old town if we wanted to, or stay where we are. As it stands at the moment, we are doing that. We have sold our house and found another in our old town. I'm now panicking that I'm doing the wrong thing and we should stay put - but this is, in part, due to the next complication...

My Mum was supposed to be moving with us until she could buy a place of her own as their relationship has been rocky for years and she isn't terribly happy where they are living. However, now exchange is approaching she is very unsure and it is making me question everything too. We are very close and I don't know whether I'd be happy with no family nearby at all - or whether having nice friends and things to do would make up for missing her so much.

Obviously the situation is more complex than that but they're the bones of it. I feel like a rabbit in headlights at the moment and I don't know how to make the best decision. I don't even know what my gut is telling me. Just feel deeply stressed! The children really want to move back and my husband thinks we should. I was the one driving this in the first place so I know I should want to!

Any words of wisdom greatly appreciated! Thank you.

HappyMummy30 Tue 31-May-16 18:06:39

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm so stressed - it would be great to hear from anyone who has been through similar or has an opinion either way. It's making me feel physically sick - I don't know why I'm like this! I desperately wanted to move back and have thought of it so often but now I'm questioning everything. I wish people round here were nicer - friends would have helped a lot but it's just not a very friendly area. People are very money motivated and only seem interested in showing off sadx

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