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collect gift card or not?

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36mum Fri 27-May-16 09:30:18

I recently pointed out to staff in my local supermarket that there was a box of pepperami almost a month out of date, they thanked me for letting them know and said they would remove them. I went in the next day and they were still on the shelf, I took a photo and sent it to their customer services on Twitter who said they had spoken to the manager and it would be removed. It wasn't and as far as I know it was still there 6 days later. I continued to tell the customer services on Twitter each day it was still there. It was a bit of a joke really.

I had a message yesterday saying the manager would like to give me a £10 gift card for pointing it out. But I'm to embarrassed to actually go in and ask for it. I asked the customer services to post it me but they said the manager is expecting me. Which really makes me feel worse. A couple of months ago I pointed out and out of date item that was 7 months out of date! I can't just ignore it as someone could be really ill and I'd really like the £10 gift card but haven't got the guts to put my face to my Twitter post. It would make me feel awkward to go in again.

What would you do?

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