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advice needed please!

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lau94 Wed 25-May-16 23:14:05

I know some of you may say its not so much my business but I just want to be able to help and see if what the school should have done about, get some advice on what to do etc. My niece started going to nursery at the local school a few weeks ago, she's just turned 3. Now we've found out that the last time she went an 8 year old boy with some behaviour problems was asking her to pull her knickers down for him, which she thought was funny and did. Apparently the other children (who were very upset by it) told the teachers but we had to hear it third hand from these children, haven't heard anything from the school and I feel it should be taken more serious then what the school seem to be doing, any advice I can tell my sibling on what the school should be doing about it or if they should take it to a higher authority? Even if nothing came of it my gut instinct is that parents should have been called in or something. I just want to help and i'm so upset that this has happened.

Torchlight86 Thu 26-May-16 03:39:21

Wow! This sounds like something that should definitely be flagged up and at the very least reported to both sets of parents!

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