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Advice on slugs/snails IN house

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JeSSicA19922 Mon 23-May-16 21:20:44

Driving me mad and I hate bugs! But to come down in the ironing and find in my kitchen is creeping me out. Started a fortnight ago (clean house) if that makes any difference. Any ad sue please? Does anyone else have this horrid problem? thanks

josie25 Tue 24-May-16 01:08:35

No advice but you're not alone, this is a problem I have too confused I hate them!! Nothing seems to work to get rid of them sorry

OutToGetYou Tue 24-May-16 01:12:01

Put loads of salt down where they come in, then block up the gaps they come in through.

And don't read any articles about how slugs have a very well developed nervous system!

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