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Crossroad in careers!

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dennyxxo Mon 23-May-16 12:52:38

Hi all! I'm looking for a bit of advice, this is my first post so hoping its in the right place! I'm 22 with 2 beautiful children (age 3 and 1) my oldest starts school is sept and my little one attends a childminders. I am currently a beautician and have worked as this for 4 years now. However, the salon I work at has recently told me that they will be closing the doors within the next few months (yikes) which means I will be out of a job and will need to find the money for rent bills childcare etc. I have always wanted to go into nursing it's been a dream of mine since being a child, but with 2 children a house a car and all the bills do I follow that dream and start studying or do I set up a mobile business and carry on working as a beautician as I have the clients to be able to keep our life here comfortable still! Anyone who has any knowledge of the help you can get towards studying your answers would be most appreciated! I feel really stuck with what to do! Xxx

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