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WWYD - Zika spreading to Europe - pregnant travel

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fiddlesticks123 Thu 19-May-16 17:48:34

Hi All

Yesterday the WHO announced that zika will likely spread to Europe in the late spring-early summer, and whilst the risk won't be high, there will be some areas of moderate risk - mostly in Southern Europe and the Black Sea.

I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and have accepted an invite to my cousin's wedding which is in the south of France in mid-June. Looking as closely as I can at the maps released yesterday of where the breed of mosquitoes which are the zika carrier types are currently established, the wedding location falls just inside an 'established' zone.

Obviously the immediate answer to this WWYD - attend or not attend the wedding is 'sit tight and see how it develops' - we're planning on driving down there and don't have any hotel bookings in place yet so are able to be relatively last minute with the go/not go decision.

However... presuming the risk in the area remains 'moderate' then WWYD - go to the wedding or not go?

I am firmly on the not go side unless it becomes low risk, I haven't yet told my cousin of the pregnancy but will do this weekend after a scan tomorrow and in due course I think I'll just raise it in conversation that this is a concern of mine and I hope she understands that we'll have to play it by ear. Not that it's relevant but we've never been close and she can have dramatic tendencies and having planned a wedding last year I completely understand how stressful having a guest pull out or even be remotely diva'ish can be but she'd be unreasonable for kicking up a fuss about my non-attendance...right?

JennaRachel Mon 23-May-16 15:42:07

I've been struggling with this too but for a holiday at the end of August in the south of France with flights already booked. I'm 15 weeks now. There is no travel advice advising to avoid the area at the minute but that can change. Since you can make your travel plans last minute I'd just make a decision as late as you can. I'm sure your cousin will understand! If the risk remains moderate...hmmm...this is my dilemma! I think it will remain moderate and I'm trying to make a decision based on that. I don't know what to do!

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