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Solicitor TTC in house or private practice

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Almondbiscotti Tue 10-May-16 20:26:57

I am 30 and coming up to 4 years pqe. I am looking to TTC in 18 months time. I have been at my current firm for 3 years pqe; and the seniors above me are 3 female partners part time and there are 4 juniors beneath me so there is a degree of support and goodwill earnt there.

I do not know whether to stay put and TTC at current place or to take an offer in house where my commute would be 20-40mins by car (traffic depending) and my City salary matched (no bonus though) but hours would be consistently 9-5pm with occasional travel to other UK offices OR stay put where I commute over an hour and 20 mins each way and sometimes find myself leaving not before 6.30/7pm at the earliest so home often between 8 and 9pm (on a good day). Seniors with children all work part time but appear frazzled juggling it all.

The in house role I have been offered would have greater degree of responsibility (less support staff) and I have no idea what maternity rights I would have (don't dare to ask!) OR their attitude towards family life other than the FD moved their herself as she had started a family and they offer work from home, flexi work and dont clock watch people arriving (so she said). Difference is that I would be looking to TTC there so not start there with a family.

I know the general rule of thumb is that in-house places are better for family and work life balance but the prospects can be limited/narrowed down for future move. (I am in a niche area).

Just can't make my mind up to leap now whilst I could put 18 months in to earn some goodwill and take the risk re maternity or wait and have kids in private practice and make move later when may be harder to juggle kids and career change.

Right I have bubbled enough so over to you good people!

Ps OH is unlikely to be able to help with childcare in long term as he is in transactional area of law in the City confused

Boiing Tue 10-May-16 21:50:44

My vote is definitely inhouse. I'm not sure what your child care plans are but little ones need to be in bed roughly 7pm-7am for many years. You need to be able to get home in time to put your child to bed or s/he will barely see you. And it could be hard to find a nanny to do bedtime etc. (By the way I was TTC at 32, it took 9 months. Have now been TTC age 34-37 and not got pregnant yet due to body slowing down with age etc, may well not be able to have another child. If I could go back in time I would TTC asap! Just a thought).

MillieMoodle Tue 10-May-16 22:01:53

Honestly? I'd go in house. I was 3 years PQE when I had DS and worked at a small firm which couldn't offer any flexibility. I was stressed out all the time and resented hardly seeing DS. I moved to a large corporate firm when he was small and they are able to offer much greater flexibility, which suits our family perfectly. DC2 is due this year smile

I don't know anyone who has gone in-house and regretted it!

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Pisssssedofff Wed 11-May-16 09:42:08

The higher you are up the ladder the easier it is to call the shots when it comes to negotiate reduced hours, time off etc. As you don't have children yet I would stay where you are and work hard and save for when they come along.
Nancy's are brilliant and in all honesty when I've had them the child aspect of my life didn't affect work at all

Pisssssedofff Wed 11-May-16 09:42:27

Nannies not Nancy's never had one of those

Almondbiscotti Mon 16-May-16 08:55:53

Thanks all!

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