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Stay in current job or get new one?

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PregnantAndEngaged Mon 09-May-16 14:11:11

I currently work in a call centre. Flexible hours: afternoons/evenings though I don't get home til 10.30 but it's only 3 days per week. I have an 11 month old and I love spending 2 weekdays with him. I am however (a) overqualified for this job (I have qualifications to become a trainee solicitor, (b) hating my job - I have been very poorly trained in a new role in return, it's very much a nitty picky easy to fail environment and if it happens too much you get put on development plans etc, I also don't like the atmosphere of feeling like I am at school having to explain my every movement and there are some very arsey managers. In short I dread going to work even though it's only s few days a week, (c) I am scared if j don't leave now I will be stuck here forever. It's the sort of place you join with the intention of it being a temporary job for some money but don't intend on long term yet 10 years later are still stuck there. I have been here since 2011.

OR do I:

Find another job. DH keen on me applying for something else and broadening my horizons, he knows I hate it there as well and doesn't want me to be stuck there and regret if years later. But most jobs are full time so I won't have that lovely mid week time with my son. However j might have job satisfaction. I am not applying for legal training contracts yet as I am inexperienced and frankly don't feel ready for that commitment yet but maybe an admin/reception etc type job. There are quite a few in reputable companies going at the moment but full time

BoboBunnyH0p Mon 09-May-16 20:08:55

Get a new job, I too used to work in a call centre so understand how soulless they are. I would suggest trying to get an administrator job in a school/college or university because while this would be full time you would be off for holidays. This would be very beneficial longterm because you wouldn't need to worry about child care in school holidays.

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