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Practical washing help please (this will give you a giggle)

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LadyMC1 Mon 02-May-16 20:06:14

Ok, please help me! My MIL knitted for me a beautiful jumper - pure white with a teddy bear nose knitted on the front, and ears too. It was just gorgeous, until I put it in the wash. It was meant for a 6 month old and now will barely fit a new born (good job little one hasn't arrived yet!) AND is as stiff as old boots. It now stands up by itself!!!! I can't tell her because she'll be so disappointed, and I feel just awful about what I've done (although it's a genuine error, and she won't be mad at me) - so any suggestions please? All I can think of is cutting it up the back and sort of placing it over the baby and taking a photo to show her, and then saying that the baby's grown out of it. A white lie to save her feelings! She hasn't made anything else for me (not a complaint) so it's not as if I could put the baby in those clothes when she's here. Please help, I do want to save her feelings!

StealthPolarBear Mon 02-May-16 20:07:19

Have you tried reshaping gently

LadyMC1 Mon 02-May-16 20:16:27

How do you mean? Do it when it's wet? I can't shape it now - it's too stiff! I feel so mean but I can also see the funny side!

ftmsoon Mon 02-May-16 20:18:45

There's a hack on Pinterest of how to sort this out. Can't link as on phone, but google can probably help.

bookishandblondish Mon 02-May-16 20:29:03

Hand wash. Use softener.

When wet, reshape gently ( but enough strength to pull it out)

Lay flat.

It will work. I have done this many times with my grandmothers knitted jumpers.

LadyMC1 Mon 02-May-16 21:18:46

Ah thank you all so much! Lifesavers!!

CrotchetQuaverMinim Mon 02-May-16 21:21:20

you can also apparently use hair conditioner - it somehow relaxes the fibres, and lets you stretch it out a bit. I doubt it will go back from newborn size to 6 month size, but you might get it a bit larger!
If the baby isn't here yet, can't you just put it on it as a newborn instead?
How practical pure white would be for a newborn, however, might be another matter (well, even a 6 month old!)

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