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Conflict with colleague

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ThePartyArtist Thu 28-Apr-16 12:12:54

OK maybe this is a sign I need a holiday but... feeling seriously upset at a colleague to the point it is making my job really hard!

So, don't want to say too much incase I out myself. But we both work in a visitor attraction where we are responsible for dealing with different types of client groups. Her type of client group is long established within the organization and is one of the core client groups we seek to attract, so her job is not questioned, as it were. My role on the other hand is a new one - the employer taking a bit of a risk to see if they can get more of this client group in. A change-making position if you like. We have different managers - hers tasks her with target numbers of people to get in. Mine is not a good manager and doesn't give me any numbers so I am never on target, always striving to get more people in. In addition, getting more people in and creating an events and activities programme is the entire purpose of my job, so obviously a primary motivation regardless of my lack of actual targets.

It's clear she sees 'my clients' as 'getting in the way' of the ones she wants to attract. For example if I organize an event that is aimed at a particular type of client, she says it's stopping her from getting hers in because it's taking up space and facilities. It's as if she thinks the aims of her role are more important than mine, and she doesn't understand why my clients are important and just sees them as inconvenient to her and her targets. It's got to the point where she doesn't want me booking spaces for events 'just incase' her clients want the space - because this will allow her to meet her targets, whereas me using the space will stop her.

Going to my manager is not an option really - she really lacks understanding of my role and is very unsupportive. Going to hers feels contentious, and also will just be met with 'she needs to hit her targets'. I don't know what to do. I have told her it's hurtful that she says my stuff gets in the way of hers. I've booked stuff in with loads of notice. I've pointed out that I work around her bookings and asked her to do the same for mine.

pippistrelle Thu 28-Apr-16 18:39:09

This is the difficulty of giving people individual targets that can actually set them up in competition with their colleagues.

What I would do is think about what you actually need and want in order to do your job properly. And if you can't rely on your manager then you need to try to manage the situation yourself. Set out your plans for a co-operative way forward in an email framed in as positive way as you can, with lots of talk about being part of a team and ultimately wanting the same thing. Speak to your manager first to tell her that you've hard some thoughts on co operation in the office that you'd like to circulate. Send it to your colleague, her manager and your manager. I get that this might seem daunting, but it's either that or just put up with it really. You could suggest a meeting to discuss if they would find that helpful, but I would basically just start working as if they'd all agreed with my plan.

Good luck, OP.

RebootYourEngine Thu 28-Apr-16 18:45:38

I agree with pip

Its horrible being in a position like this where you dont get on with colleagues paired with having a rubbish manager,

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