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I feel so angry with myself

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lost2016 Thu 28-Apr-16 09:41:34

Not really sure where to put this one.
Anyway I had someone knock my door yesterday and started with the whole smart meter for your gas and electric spiel, something to do with Government etc. I thought he was someone from my housing association trying to book in appointments to fit these meters ready for when they become compulsory, so I let him in. Even when he said about changing your supplier my brain didn't kick into action and I found myself signing up to this contract.
I did try to cancel on the phone to the man who phoned whilst the cold caller was there, due to the date available me not being able to do, I said to cancel it and I will phone up once I know where I am at with my job. All he said on the phone was they would phone up at a later date once I am settled back into work.
I had to pop out but when I got back I phone the supplier and told them I wasn't interested and to cancel.
I am just so annoyed at myself because I am normally so good at turning cold callers etc away, I normally say 'can you not read' ( I do actually have a sign on my door clearly stating no cold callers etc.) I remember in my previous property a charity worker knocked my door and I straight away pointed to my sign said my speech and shut the door in his face, so what stopped me yesterday.
I understand people have jobs to do but they are supposed to respect a no cold callers etc sign. I was taken a back by his original speech I think, kind of thrown off guard.
So I have now changed my sign accordingly and also ordered a video doorbell/ intercom thing and for now unless I am expecting something/ someone removed the batteries from my current doorbell. I also wish now I had ignored it and adapted the 'if I am not expecting anyone, I don't answer the door' attitude.
Should I be angry at myself, I feel like I have let myself down, I feel angry I didn't cotton on sooner. What are your stories on these idiot cold callers?

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