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What Would You Do If You Were A Leader On A Kids Camp And One Got A Rash?

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everydaylinuxuser Fri 15-Apr-16 12:51:27

My daughter went on a Brownies camp and on the 2nd day developed a rash. I think the Brownies and the camp she attended acted incorrectly but they deny they have done so. I will display the salient points and would like you to say what you would have done in a similar situation if you were in charge.

1. The time the rash was discovered was 6.15pm. This was in Early March and so before summertime kicked in meaning it was dark at 7pm

2. The camp was 150 miles away from the homes of the children

3. The weather was stormy with 60mph winds and heavy rain

4. A parent on the camp mentioned that somebody at a local playgroup attended by the kids siblings had come down with scarlet fever

5. The medic/first aider on site had no qualifications to diagnose what the rash was

6. Another child at the camp had pre-existing serious health complications meaning a virus could be fatal.

What would you have done if you were in charge in order of events?

canyou Fri 15-Apr-16 12:58:47

Ring the parent and get an OOHs appt for a diagnosis and work from there. Hope your DD was ok.

canyou Fri 15-Apr-16 13:00:08

But actually I am in Irl and our OOH appts in my area are easy to get payment hurts though

Lifeisontheup2 Fri 15-Apr-16 13:05:31

It depends, was the child ill in herself, if not highly unlikely to be scarlet fever. If it was an isolated rash I would be loathe to drag child out in stormy weather. The other child with health complications is a bit of a red herring as any of the children present could be harbouring a virus.

Impossible to make an informed judgement without much more information.

FannyFanakapan Fri 15-Apr-16 13:05:43

Check if rash is blanching rash

Assess any other symptoms - headache, fever, aches and pains. Is rash raised or flat. (If no fever, then unlikely to be scarlet fever.)

Phone the parent, explain the situation, ask what they wanted me to do, but also ask if child had been in contact with any contagious illnesses.

Probably take a "wait and see" approach, if there were no other indicators of illness.

Possibly isolate the child in a separate tent overnight, near the adults, so that I could keep an eye on her. If necessary, zip her tent opening onto mine, so that she was close enough to not feel scared, but safeguarding was in place.

Check at her bedtime, and again at my bedtime, and if any concerns, check overnight.

Call parents first thing with an update and decide next steps.

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