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nickynackynoo31 Thu 14-Apr-16 09:46:05

Over the past few weeks me and my hubby have grown apart. We get on fine day to day but our sex life has gone down the drain...we wasn't at it all the time but more than we are's been about 8 weeks since we last made love and when I asked him why his reply was "it's too much of a chore"....I don't have much confidence in myself as it is but this is making me feel awful. Any advice....#mumof2feelingpoo!!!!!

kissedbyamoonbeam Thu 14-Apr-16 09:52:56

If I was being charitable I would say perhaps he is tired, stressed or depressed. However, he is definitely being an arse. Time for a sit down and chat. If you are getting on well in general, it should be possible to talk. Starting with "do you know how hurt I am by your comment"
Hugs op. I hope you get it sorted. Better than letting it fester. flowers

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