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Please read help is appreciated!

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JLeeAmor Wed 06-Apr-16 21:28:05

Hi Everyone,
I'm in an awful situation and it's all my doing,
Me and my partner of 3years have called it quits he still lives with us and is keeping it civil for our son who turns 1 this month until he sorts somewhere else to live seeing as it's our sons home with all his things..
However iv been so horrible to him and iv lied about a 900£ debt with council tax as iv let it spiral out of control and my son was born so I put it to the back of my mind (stupidly) and he's very money orientated and I wanted to impress him so I spent the savings of 500£ on him and the baby but didn't want to tell him.. So I lied and said I don't know where the "pot" is in frantic panic I know I should of told the truth but I'm not good at talking now he's leaving I can't help but feel heartbroken and want to save our relationship as he's the only one iv ever loved and wanted and I've wrecked it all...
He has said you need to know what you want and want you need and however in this present time I can't move past this
Would you try to save it like me or shall I do the best for him and walk away?
Thank you xx

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