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what car?

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TeaCupFlup Wed 06-Apr-16 19:16:21

After real world tips / opinions on good family car(s)

We have two hatchbacks at the moment; one which is currently our main family car (a Kia cee'd) and only just fits in what we need using back seats as well as boot when we go away, the other is WAY too small to get baby things in but partner only really uses it for work. Plan is to upgrade partners work car to a more family friendly sized one - estate or mpv - and keep the Kia as a run around / partners work car.

We have a 6 month baby boy at the moment with the hope of adding to our family in a few years time. Budget of about 3000. I have trawled the Internet for reviews of various models but don't understand half the stuff written on them. So I want to know others real world experiences of their family cars --- i.e.

Mpv or estate - perks and pitfalls - have you bought one style but wish you got the other?
I like the look of ford CMax, skoda octavia, Ford Focus estate around 2007 - are these any good? Any major probs peeps have experienced with these?
Are there any other models peeps would recommend?
Are there models peeps would suggest I stay away from?

knaffedoff Wed 06-Apr-16 19:19:45

Cmax is great, we use it for holidays and all the big family stuff. No problems to report !

TeaCupFlup Thu 07-Apr-16 16:44:30

Thanks knaffedoff

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