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Can't decide

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legocastles Wed 06-Apr-16 17:00:18

I am currently working part time, newly single mum to a toddler, had a bit of a crap year and lots of pressures with keeping head above water but starting to see the light a bit.
I've been doing a bit of freelance work on top of my office job for a good company which has brought in some much needed extra cash to pay off debts especially. But I've recently worked out I could get by financially (just about) without having to do this freelance work and just doing the other part time job.
I have a big long held dream to start my own business. Not doing the freelance work would free up a day or two in the week to spend time on it. At the moment I have no time. Unless I send my ds to nursery full time which I don't want to do. I've been working on it on and off for about a year and I've already set up the company/ logo/got loads of ideas, business plan, but the sensible voice in my head is telling me to keep with the freelance job because I might not get anywhere with the business side. But I really want to do it. And the freelance work is ok but I don't love it. Plus I would hopefully get a bit more flexibility with spending more time with my son as I would be starting small and seeing where it goes.
Just wondered if any one had any thoughts and wwyd?
Thank you!

TheBouquets Mon 11-Apr-16 23:01:53

If you can find a way of doing something that you love and get paid (decently) for it would be perfect. If you are sure that the part time income would cover all your outgoings I would give it my best go. Maybe cut the amount of freelance work rather than stop altogether till you see how it all goes.

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